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Hotel & Resort Sustainability – Principle VI

Communicate & Educate - Do it Early. Do it Often

Who hasn’t heard the phrase “communicate early and often?” This is true throughout all of business, but especially in the hotel and resort industry. Why? Because a hotel generally represents multiple businesses under one roof, sitting on a piece of real estate. Achieving success, therefore, is not simplistic, but is multidimensional. Therefore, it is imperative that you communicate early and often to your investors, potential stakeholders, and future guests.

How do you do this? Have a plan to communicate and educate. Not all real estate investors are forward thinkers, but either think they are or want to be. Be sensitive to this fact. Promote what you know in and constructive and promotional manner. Importantly…try to make sustainability sexy. Strategic marketing and branding are key in this and you need to have a plan for this to blend with the vision of sustainability you promote to your audience.

As we continue to discuss the key methods to successful sustainability, we will quickly realize that being educated in the marketing and branding of your strategic business planning and marketing is vital to all aspects of your approach to promoting the concept to your investment audience and, ultimately, your guest and user base. Important, educate yourself on this and then communicate your plans when appropriate, in a way that is both simplistic and comprehensive. Tell a story to enthrall your audience. Make them want to become part of your vision.

When is this appropriate? All the time. Whenever there is something to communicate. Early and often. You cannot over communicate if you do it strategically and with forethought. Get the word out to prospective investors about your thought-leading venture, your plans, and the anticipated success with excitement and solid plans and figures.

Communicate to current investors throughout the design and development process as well as regularly after you have opened your doors, with your management team, as applicable. It is one thing to build a thought-leading property. It is another to manage it and keep it within the vision you created at the onset. This is key. You will likely find that communication BEFORE you open your doors is as equally important as communicating how things are going throughout the process even after you are open and operating.

Future guests will want to hear you are coming to your area. Educate yourself on who your future guests will likely be. This should be something that was considered and planned for in the beginning so get together a marketing plan and start selling your brand to your potential guests. That way you will have them lining up when your doors are finally open – with keen anticipation.


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Robert Colin Bryant - Founder, TBG Innovative Ltd.

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