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Hotel & Resort Sustainability – Principle VIII

Sustainable Design - Sticks & Bricks with a Meaning

Today we must forge forward with new and exciting designs that take into account innovation and environmental impact. The market must be known and considered before design can even happen.

But the design process is not done in a “bubble.” This must be carefully planned to take into account the main aspects of sustainability. Design must address technology innovations as well as environmental impact concerns. Project management is critical to success.

Without a true management of the design project, sustainable design will not be possible. Today, in order to have a sustainable hotel design, all involved, from the owner to the architects and even the stakeholders, must be a part of the planning process to ensure everything is covered in the design. Without a hands-on, detail-oriented project manager, there are critical planning steps that can be missed.

Successful project management is key. The culture of the area, the expected amenities of the planned market, the environmental impact, and the stakeholder concerns must all be addressed and managed. Without all these key aspects being precisely managed, a step can be missed and this can cause the entire project to get off schedule, or worse, be completely abandoned.

Sustainable design not only takes into account the needs of the marketplace, the culture of the location, and the concerns of the stakeholder, it considers what the market and the industry require in order to HAVE a sustainable hotel. In the end, without designing a sustainable product, there will be no investors interested in the project and therefore no real project at all. You have to consider sustainability in design to be competitive.


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