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So….just what is The New “Cool”??

If everything's cool...then what is cool?

Are you cool? Damn straight you are. Or THINK you are!

Who doesn’t want to be considered cool? The same goes for where we stay. The hotel wants to be considered cool and, admit it, we want to stay somewhere “cool!”

So, just what IS cool? Time Magazine ran an article (early 2000s) titled: “If everyone’s hip, then who is hip?” There are even sites such as Pinterest carries sections titled: “cool Architecture” and “cool design”.

So then….what defines cool? Can a hotel be “cool?”

When you think of cool, what do you think of? You probably think of something different depending upon what you are talking about, right?

Cool art. Andy Warhol

Cool music. Jazz

Cool place to visit. Sydney, Australia

Cool hotel? Anything come to mind?

Have you heard the word “boutique?” You probably have. In fact, if you are in the hospitality industry you BETTER have heard of it. It’s the new “in” for chains to go boutique and that is what can make them cool.

Today’s cool boutique hotels cater to their clientele’s needs with cool themes and innovative styles that appeal to their market.

Need an office away from the office? Hotels cater to the business travelers with office suites, meeting room, and easy access to office equipment. Architecture is clean, timeless, and open to allow for a usable and comfortable working environment.

Need to relax? Luxury spa hotels are cool with spa packages, spa rooms, and luxury services available in the guest’s room or within hotel onsite spa areas. In fact, they will make your entire hotel stay a relaxing experience to meet every need. These hotels are designed with luxury considered in every space from open, multipurpose lobbies and luxury accommodations throughout.

And let’s not forget about cool designs and cultural specifics. Cool designs today are not only innovative and eco-friendly, but they have timeless design and embrace local culture. Guests are looking for luxury as well as an understanding of the amenities and designs that make them feel catered to AND comfortable.

Whether you are a family traveler or a foreign business man, there are hotels with “cool” features that are working to attract business. Therefore, you can find a hotel that meets just about any need you may have and that understands your unique definition of cool.

Until Next Time,


Robert Colin Bryant - Founder, TBG Innovative Ltd.

TBG Innovative specializes in the planning & development of international 5 star hotels, blending real estate, branding, master planning, and construction to create “great destinations”.  To learn more about TBG Innovative visit us at

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