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Hotel & Resort Sustainability – Principle I

Start Early. Plan Ahead

Is the plan to be a global market leader in hospitality?

Do you want to be paving the way for sustainability and innovation?

These are respectable goals which require strategic planning with a strong mission and vision leading the way towards a development that remains sustainable for years: with real “legs”.

As we discuss the buzz-word sustainability, it is best to get a firm grasp on what that means BEFORE you plan and BEFORE you find your financial partners or backing. This creates the concept in its entirety rather than applying green wash paint on it afterwards.

Importantly, know what makes your plan sustainable because your potential investors will certainly want to know.

What do you need for sustainability? We have been going over this in detail. However, planning for each of the phases is vital to the overall sustainability to be seen as true market leaders to your investors and your customers.

I will not go into each of the steps here, as we discussed them broadly in the 10 Areas for Sustainability post (insert hyperlink), but these ALL must be considered in your planning phase. This is what will spark the interest of your investors, local and regional governing bodies, and potential customers. Early planning will entice all these elements to “get on board” with your passion and direction. And importantly, in your investment opportunity.

But even if you have investors, it takes a strong plan for sustainability to put your hotel on the premier development list. Truly sustainable innovation and policy take forward thinking and planning to ensure everything you want in your hotel is thought through from the beginning. Organically. Not after the fact.

Environmental impact, cultural considerations, innovative conveniences, and guest and investor incentives must be planned for. If these are not all considered and planned for you will likely see your projected success quickly deteriorate. Without social, environmental and economic sustainability in your strategic plan, you will have increasing difficulty getting and keeping investors. And….the same is most likely true for your guests.

If you do not want your premier hotel development planning to be over before it has even begun, plan early and thoroughly for a truly innovative and sustainable hotel. One that will potentially change the market dynamic on a local, regional or even national basis.


Until Next Time,


Robert Colin Bryant - Founder, TBG Innovative Ltd.

TBG Innovative specializes in the planning & development of international 5 star hotels, blending real estate, branding, master planning, and construction to create “great destinations”.  To learn more about TBG Innovative visit us at