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Hotel & Resort Sustainability – Principle II

Lead the Way - Innovation. Technology. Collaboration.

The world of hotel development is changing rapidly.   The old ways are…old! Leading the way with innovative design and sustainable considerations will yield a premier hotel development that will provide sound and ­real underpinnings that will greatly assist in sourcing investors and (importantly) keeping customers.

Leading the way in innovation and technology can actually be a fun process. I recommend embracing innovative ideas for unique layout and design, as well a sustainable products and cultural appeal (embracing local culture and traditions). This may now seem to be revolutionary, but this will be the new normal.

First we must ask: What is the goal of your hotel? Relaxation? Many do this. Business Ease? A focus of many international brands? Cultural Appeal? Often only considered by renegade independents (but often with loyal following). What is a realistic market niche for your project and why?

Know to whom you plan to appeal and get to know what they are looking for in a hotel. Then you can lead the way for new innovation in giving your customers what they are looking for.  As I say: “Truly listen, and the market will simply tell you what it needs and wants”.

As you proceed, you will want to keep your plan for sustainability in check while you integrate innovation and technology. You will want to collaborate with your investors and proposed clientele to ensure you are developing exactly what will keep people interested.

Designing a leading, premiere hotel project will take effort, planning, and a little risk. But you will certainly find that the time investment in this planning stage to lead the way in the industry will bring the world the best of the best in hotels, which make your hotel even higher on the sustainability scale. We will discuss LEED certification in another post, after we have discussed the Top Ten Principles.

And guess what! Increasingly, having a sustainable product sells. To the financial community, to visiting guests and to locals that you need to support the hotels restaurants and function facilities. That means that you will have investors and you will have customers. Might I ask…what business doesn’t want that? Kind of Business 101.

Being a top leader with sustainability within the hotel industry should be a key goal, regardless of your hotel’s perceived market position or star rating. Collaboration of all elements and by all partners, on every level, will all but guarantee success. Your hotel’s status and success are only as great as you make it during this important step. This sustainability criterion is key!


Until Next Time,


Robert Colin Bryant - Founder, TBG Innovative Ltd.

TBG Innovative specializes in the planning & development of international 5 star hotels, blending real estate, branding, master planning, and construction to create “great destinations”.  To learn more about TBG Innovative visit us at