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Sustainability – The Top 10 Ways to Achieve Sustainability

Methods for Hotels & Resorts to Save the Planet

Today, it takes more than a blue print or even a well-known hotel name to be a sustainable hotel. The market today is saturated with hotels and sustainability is the key. As we discussed in our post, So….what is the BIG DEAL about this word “Sustainability, sustainability has a pretty big definition but it takes a real understanding to truly put together a sustainable hotel.

I mentioned in my previous article that there are 10 criteria for a sustainable hotel. Let me elaborate a little. (Be sure to click on the titles to read my full blog post on each of the principles.)

1. Start Early/Plan Ahead

If you don’t start early, you are already behind. Consider the project’s life cycle; take into account all aspect, all players, and all facets of the hotel’s development. You want to know what your future clientele will be looking for and plan for it – ahead of time. Everyone on the team must be onboard.

2. Lead the Way

Innovation. Technology. Collaboration. These words should ring true throughout your process. You need top-down management with the same vision – to bring the world the best of the best in the hotel industry. Work together. Take the calculated risks. Lead the way with innovative design.

3. Effective Partnerships

You won’t get far if you don’t have the partnerships necessary to make your hotel work. Private and government partnerships are crucial to the success of your hotel. It is vital to enlist the partnerships with stakeholders that share your goal of realizing success.

4. Incentivize Sustainable Development

Public and private investors are considering the buzz words of “corporate sustainability” in their investments. They want to know that the long term value has been considered. That sustainability costs have been considered and will be controlled. Incentives to the investors – long term, sustainable, return on investment, negative environmental impact, and happy and comfortable guests.

5. Analyze to Capitalize

Your investors want to make money. There’s no secret in this. They don’t invest to lose money. Ensure you have the case studies and facts to support your plan. This is how you sell the investors, stakeholders, and partners you approach. Be ready to talk sustainability. Cap Rates. Development Cost Premium. A savvy investor will be looking for these to be covered out of the box.

6. Educate and Communicate

Start early. Communicate often. You need to get the word out to investors, potential stakeholders, and future guests. Marketing and branding are key. Have a plan to promote. Make sustainability sexy..

7. Integrate Place Making in Development Process

You cannot market sustainability in a box. Your guests may be global and so might your partners. Branding must consider the life cycle of the hotel plan and who it must reach. Consider everyone
involved and the long term goals. Integrate this branding into the marketing plan.

8. Sustainable Design

Today you must forge forward with new and exciting designs thattake into account innovation and environmental impact. The design process must be managed carefully, with project management being critical to success. Technology and environmental concerns must be addressed and at the forefront for a sustainable design. The current process cannot accommodate true sustainability.

9. Embrace the Local Culture

No matter where you are erecting your new hotel, knowing the culture and embracing all that culture offers is imperative to the success of the hotel. Ensuring the local culture is encompassed into the design increases the overall sustainability of a hotel simply due to the local appeal of the hotel and potential guests thirst for cultural experiences in the areas to which they travel. Local context must be considered with regard to the development and design.

10. Protect the Environment

We don’t all have to be tree huggers, but we do need to consider the environmental impact of our hotel. From planning and development to the guests stay, the environmental impact must be considered. Impact analysis is important. Preservation of wildlife and ecology must be considered; the use of sustainable materials should be planned for. Disaster preparedness and degradation threshold must be addressed. Without these considerations, your hotel will fail before it starts. Today, development and operations from a more green prospective is necessary for long term sustainability in the hotel marketplace.

Sustainability is key to a successful hotel venture. So ensure you are following these criterion are you will be well on your way to a sustainable product.


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Robert Colin Bryant - Founder, TBG Innovative Ltd.

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